Transport: display of mandatory emissions CO2

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Transport: display of mandatory emissions CO2

by Christophe » 28/10/11, 09:51

Transport: the display of CO2 emissions becomes compulsory

Responsible for 33,7% of CO2 emissions in France in 2010, transport is the leading emitter of greenhouse gases. However, this pollution varies greatly depending on the route and the mode of transport used. In order to be able, during each trip, to favor the most ecological mode, the Grenelle of the environment requires operators (public transport companies, moving companies, taxis, car rental companies, communities, travel agents, etc.) to inform their customers about the CO2 impact of their service. The decree implementing this commitment was published today in the Official Journal.

Whether you travel or have goods transported on rails, road, river, sea or in the air, you will now be informed of the CO2 emissions emitted by the vehicle or vehicles used.

For Nathalie KOSCIUSKO-MORIZET, Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing, and Thierry MARIANI, Minister responsible for Transport, "access to this information will raise awareness among all stakeholders in the transport on CO2 emissions and ultimately direct the choices of individuals and professionals towards the most economical energy and climate solutions. It gives everyone the means to participate actively in the transformation of our society, towards less carbon-intensive development models ”.

Travelers will most often receive this information when purchasing the ticket. In cases where tickets are not issued (subscription, or transport on a route not defined in advance), the text provides for the possibility of displaying CO2 information on board the vehicle.

In the case of freight, the information will be communicated at the latest at the end of the service, allowing companies to draw up CO2 emission assessments and optimize their transport chains.

The decree specifies the method for making an estimate of CO2 emissions, based, at the operator's choice and according to the size of the companies, either on flat-rate data adapted to each situation and which will be defined by ministerial decree, or on values ​​estimated directly by the operator. In the event of a dispute, and to encourage maximum transparency, the certification bodies are empowered to validate or invalidate the data provided by the service provider.

The implementation of the system is set between July 1 and December 31, 2013 to take into account the deadlines for ownership by companies and allow them to prepare a practical guide for users. In parallel, a European standardization process has been initiated, on the initiative of France, in order to promote the development of these practices among our neighbors.

It should lead to European regulations by 2013.

Download the press release (PDF - 191 Ko)

Press contacts:
Cabinet of Nathalie KOSCIUSKO-MORIZET: 01 40 81 72 36
Thierry MARIANI's office: 01 40 81 77 57

We can reasonably assume that, if the calculation is correct, public transport will lose its "greenery" ... we bet a metro or SNCF ticket? : Mrgreen:
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