Improve the resistance or appearance of 3D printed parts by post processing?

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Re: Improve the strength or appearance of 3D printed parts by post processing?

by Flytox » 28/10/20, 22:51

The lack of fusion between the various layers seems obvious ("S" shaped).

fusion.jpg (51.57 KiB) Viewed 1458 times

The lack of inter-layer fusion may be due to the fact that the ambient air is too cold compared to the melting temperature of your yarn. The "skin" of the deposited bead solidifies too quickly / no longer wants to merge with the next layer. You could perhaps "blow" a little hot air (temperature?) In the drop zone permanently. Finally, I say that in order to simplify the configuration / debugging of your machine : Mrgreen:
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Re: Improve the strength or appearance of 3D printed parts by post processing?

by Christophe » 29/10/20, 00:06

On this part it is not a problem of temperature I think but of quantity of deposited material ... so it depends on the aglo of the slicer.

On my printer I can adjust the% of material from 0 to 200% in real time ... and I often increase to 150 or 200% for the first layers of adhesion, just to have a beautiful " bed "for the room without openwork ...

Some parts I printed them in 125-150% ... beyond that it can cause blisters ... Obviously it depends on the part, the plastic ... and other settings!
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