French start-ups BPI with positive impact for sustainable development

Current Economy and Sustainable Development-compatible? GDP growth (at all costs), economic development, inflation ... How concillier the current economy with the environment and sustainable development.
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French start-ups BPI with positive impact for sustainable development

by Christophe » 02/07/21, 11:43

Discover the 727 French startups with a positive impact, referenced by Bpifrance and France Digitale

Impact startups, those that respond to environmental and social issues, are growing like mushrooms in France. In an unprecedented map, which Novethic was able to consult in preview, Bpifrance and France Digitale now have 727 for 4,4 billion euros invested. This movement, increasingly important, has even hatched impact champions such as Ynsect or Ecovadis who are now unicorns (= more than € 1 billion in valuation)

They fight against plastic pollution like Clean My Sea, are committed to responsible tourism like The Treep, develop renewable energies with Wind my Roof, carry out a responsible consumption project, like We Dress Fair… In France, startups say " impact "are more and more numerous. Bpifrance Le Hub, which "accelerates startups invested by Bpifrance Innovation funds", and France Digitale, the largest association of startups in Europe, unveil the first map of French impact startups: ... ct-france/

The two actors scrutinized French startups with the framework for reading the impact that of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are 17 environmental, social and economic priorities set by the UN for 2030. They include, for example, the fight against hunger, access to quality education, the fight against climate change or further reducing inequalities. In total, 727 French companies have been identified as "impact startups".

Ynsect, Ecovadis ... impact champions

"With this mapping, we see the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs concerned about their impact on society. This movement is not a weak signal but a groundswell", explains Frédéric Mazzella, co-founder of BlaBlaCar and co-president of France Digitale. "The idea here is to give visibility and readability to this ecosystem with this first mapping which is doomed to be updated every year", explains Frédéric Mazzella.

In detail, we learn that 66% of the referenced impact startups have raised 4,4 billion euros since their creation, with an average fundraising of around nine million euros. Others have exploded records until they find themselves in the very selective club of the Unicorns, these unlisted companies whose valuation exceeds one billion dollars. This is the case of Ynsect, the start-up specializing in the breeding and processing of insects for animal feed, of Vestiaire Collective, which has become the symbol of the success of second-hand clothing sales, and of Ecovadis. , a benchmark CSR (corporate social responsibility) assessment platform in France.

Convince investors

These impact champions pave the way for future entrepreneurs who are still cautious. "France has a real card to play in becoming a benchmark in this area and making impact the norm," explains Frédéric Mazzella. "We share with France Digitale the conviction that the upward trend in impact entrepreneurship will be confirmed and accelerated. The structuring of the ecosystem, the changes in consumption paradigm and the urgency of the defended causes require it. ", analyzes Paul François Fournier, executive director of innovation at Bpifrance.

For, being an impact startup also means being able to attract talent, keep it, mobilize its teams by giving them meaning at a time when employees are increasingly questioning themselves. There remains a brake, that of investment. "It's always complicated to convince," says Alicia Combaz, co-founder and general manager of "Today for us it is easier because we have invented a model which has proved its worth, but for many investors there is still a dichotomy between impact and business model", explains Alicia Combaz. The mapping of impact startups could reassure investors who are still cautious.

Marina Fabre

In France, private research now works better than public research (CNRS et cie) it seems ... : Mrgreen: : Mrgreen: : Mrgreen:

Source: ... 49941.html

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