Self-construction of a domestic vertical axis wind turbine

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Self-construction of a domestic vertical axis wind turbine

by pgall » 09/09/21, 22:05

Hello everybody

I recently found at home a vertical axis wind turbine that I had made in second grade in high school. When I say wind turbine, it's only the blades attached to a base in fact ... That's why I said to myself, why not do something with it? And so I really want to start making a home wind turbine, with the goal of simply charging a battery without any time requirement or anything else.

Well, I'm a student, I wouldn't have a lot of time to devote to it, especially since the DIY part can only be done when I come home to my parents so let's say once a month at most, but I want to advance the theoretical part as much as possible! In addition, with my school I have access to a good workshop and a lot of manufacturing processes that we don't necessarily have at home (metal lathe, laser cutter, 3D printing, 3/4/5 axis machines, etc. .) so I would like to use it for this project!

So, if there are people available to answer my questions throughout the project, that would be great!

My first step is going to be mechanical design, just design a tripod to mount the wind turbine on it and make a correct pivot connection with this frame. I don't intend to make it go very high, it will just be easier to work on the system at the beginning, and by designing it intelligently I would make it easily removable to possibly move the wind turbine, place it on top of a roof or whatever. . Here, not too many problems I think.

A first question I ask myself is how to do this since I don't have any information on the wind speed there. How to size the different components that must come after the rotor?
Besides, what components should I consider? For the moment, I can only very naively see a {reducer + alternator} assembly and what to connect the battery to this alternator. I must surely consider a charge regulator for the battery in a pinch.
But here, the question also arises: knowing that I have no idea of ​​the rotational speed of the rotor, and therefore of the alternator, I therefore have no idea of ​​the voltage and current at the output, so how do i choose the battery i am going to charge? Would I be better off picking the battery right now and then tailoring the rest of the components accordingly?

Thanks for helping me, and can't wait to see this project take shape!
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Éconologue good!
Éconologue good!
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Re: Self-construction of a domestic vertical axis wind turbine

by phil59 » 11/09/21, 15:45

Sorry, I don't know enough.

A car alternator is irrelevant, that's what I know.
Or, you have to rewind it, to "only" produce 200W, for example, whereas it, on average, on a car, gives about 1000W.
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