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From ZenCart to Prestashop: econological the new shop!

The eco-friendly store has undergone a major update: a migration from ZenCart to Prestashop. You will find the latest news on the store's news blog

After months of work, we are happy to present the new eco-friendly boutique to you! After 9 years of good and loyal service, the old store developed under ZenCart is changing ...

Months of work were necessary to migrate the econological shop.

Here is some information on the changes for regular, old and former customers of the store. Despite the professionalization and relative dehumanization of e-commerce, the eco-friendly boutique remains a boutique on a human scale where each customer is important. On Econology, you are not numbers ...

What was imported and which therefore does not change "too much":


    • The full catalog with conservation url product sheets
    • Your customer accounts and passwords, but Prestashop refuses passwords that are too simple, so it is possible, if you can no longer connect to have to re-generate a new password. If you have an account and your email has changed, contact us.
    • Your historical controls
    • The payment module by credit card via the CIC
    • Payal payment, check, bank transfer and administrative mandate
    • Shipments to France and Belgium
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What changes a bit:


    • The categories have been completely reorganized (and the urls changed during the import)
    • The navigation should you be nicer
    • Best Search Engine


What changes a lot, the new features:


    • New features appear, such as:


      • permanent loyalty program,
      • a sponsorship program,
      • a wish list,
      • a list of favorites (products to put aside for later ...),
      • a product Compare
    • Sharing to social networks
    • Delivery to Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal and the French overseas departments and territories (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion Island, Guyana, etc.)
    • Responsiv Design for smartphones
    • Other functions will be added as we go along (suggestions in the comments are welcome)


Good visit and see you soon!


ps: if you are under ZenCart and want to migrate to Prestashop, contact me or leave a comment below and I will tell you what to do ...

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  1. Does PrestaShop cost much to run? I use WooCommerce, but they have really irritated me lately. I recently got hit with a HUGE bill for a few plugins I own (completely out of the blue). WooCommerce have doubled their prices by 50 on all annual subscription renewals - without explaining anything to their customers! Seems pretty weird. Nevertheless, I am looking to jump ship and not sure which ecommerce platform to use for our site.

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