Wood and pellet stoves: reduce your energy bill!

Does the cold make you shiver in your poorly heated house? Do you see your savings going up in smoke with your heating? It is high time to choose a better heating system and to choose a wood stove or a pellet stove. You will be won over by their performance and will appreciate receiving much lower bills than with electric or gas heating. Here are a few things that will help you get to know these top-of-the-trend heaters better.

An efficient heating system

The new stoves are renowned for their great performance. They are made of materials that retain heat for a long time, in order to restore it even after stopping the stove. Wood and pellet stoves are the most popular heating systems right now, and for good reason. They offer regular heat, unlike electric heaters that provide heat in a very random manner. For interesting prices, you will find an offer of wood and pellet stove not expensive at Maisonic.

wood stove in a living room

Pellet or granulated, new fuel

The pellet stove is powered, as its name suggests, by pellets or pellets. It is a compression of residues from sawdust and wood industry waste. To agglomerate them, no product is used. The materials are strongly pressed to bind together. So no glue or chemical for pellets. This prevents the dispersion of harmful gases and toxic fumes when the granules are burned. In addition, with this manufacturing procedure, the pellet contains very little moisture. It is therefore a better fuel, because it burns almost entirely.

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Adapt the temperature of your rooms

This is one of the other advantages of the pellet stove. You have the option of managing your room temperature using the programming screen. Thus, you adjust the pellet distribution rate according to the heat you want to obtain. To heat your home before you wake up or when you come home from your work day, you have the option of program the start-up or the increase of the flow according to your wishes.

It uses a worm screw, which favors supplying the stove as needed. It is connected to a place for storing pellets and is activated when the stove needs it. It is therefore a way to save money and better manage your consumption.

Real savings with stoves

By choosing a wood stove or a pellet stove, you significantly reduce your energy bill. These two types of heating are the two most efficient at the moment and offer a high yield. Forget the hearth of the fireplace which heats badly and does not allow the heat to be distributed. With wood or pellet stoves, you can hope to get a minimum yield of 80%, while the chimney only reaches 20%. In addition, the prices of wood and pellets are quite stable, unlike the price of electricity or gas. You can therefore provide yourself with fuel without being afraid of the bill that will be issued to you.

Stoves are better for the environment

When you equip your home with a wood or pellet stove, you are also helping the environment. Wood is considered the first renewable energy and it is particularly present in our territory. With reasoned exploitation, the cut trees are replaced by young shoots. In France, logging is closely supervised and firewood meets the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and European Forest Certification (PEFC) standards.

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This is a certification that guarantees that the wood comes from operations that take into account the directives of sustainable development. The origin of the wood is verifiable thanks to the imposed traceability. Forests are protected and better maintained. By using the wood stove or with pellets, you benefit from a neutral CO² balance. When burning, wood produces CO² which is counterbalanced by the fact that as it grows, wood absorbs this CO². And with more efficient combustion, you are using your fuel to its full potential, unlike an open fireplace which often leaves leftover logs unburned.

The choice of the stove for its design

Beyond its energy performance, you will also choose the wood or pellet stove for its aesthetic appearance. Very user-friendly, the stove is also very pleasant to look at. The manufacturers show imagination to offer models which integrate easily with your decoration and which bring a real plus to your interior. It is no longer about the imposing and unattractive devices of our ancestors. Contemporary materials offer a real touch of modernity. The stoves are perfect for integrating a house or an apartment. You will have the pleasure of watching the combustion be done as in a chimney with insert. This brings a lot to the well-being, creating a relaxing and warm atmosphere very appreciable.

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The models are made in both rustic and more current styles. Choose from stoves made from cast iron or steel. And for more originality, why not install your stove on a pivot or by hanging it for a lighter appearance? For practical storage, some wood stoves have a log storage integrated into the appliance. This is an opportunity to store a small reserve of wood there, so that you do not have to move around every time you have to put logs back!

If you hesitate between several models, do not hesitate to compare the models and ask for advice, in order to select the wood or pellet stove that best suits your needs and your budget. In addition to being an ecological choice, stoves are also a good way to reduce your energy bills and to make real savings in the long run.

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