With a positive 2005 balance sheet, the energy saving campaign will continue in 2006

Two years after the launch of the campaign to save energy "hurry, heats up", the French say they have changed their daily behavior. Let's bet that actions are at the height of words.

Because of their energy consumption for housing and transport, households are directly responsible for almost half of total CO2 emissions in France. This is why the ADEME launched, in May 2004, the national mobilization campaign "Save energy, let's go quickly, it heats! On energy saving and global warming at the request of the government and the Ministries of Industry (MINEFI) and Ecology and Sustainable Development (MEDD).

While the first year of the campaign was devoted to raising awareness about the greenhouse effect, its origin, its consequences and its link with energy consumption and daily actions, the year 2005 encouraged the French to move to the 'act. Supported by a favorable context with soaring prices for fossil fuels and extreme weather events, two major levers have helped to mobilize the French around energy savings: the continuation of the information campaign in the media and the credit of 2005 early reinforced tax for the most energy efficient equipment. Two years after the beginning of the campaign, the assessment is considered satisfactory even if it remains difficult to quantify in terms of quantity of energy and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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