LED strip connection

Why and how to install an LED strip?

Much more than a simple decorative element, thelighting can be used to create real scenes in your home while securing certain strategic points. In addition, it helps to create a friendly and warm atmosphere, conducive to relaxation. There are a multitude of little tips to know to successfully enhance your interiors, and tinker without worries! A real must-have that appeals to both DIY pros and budding decorators: the LED strip light. Here are the essential elements to take into account before starting your work, for sure to have a successful installation!

The LED strip: a wide variety of models for all uses!

The LED strip is one of the most popular items for decoration fanatics. Practical to install, inexpensive, it has many attractive features to seduce you! Its great strength? It comes in a wide range of varied models, suitable for all uses, as you can see on the silumen.fr website.

Thus, the small-sized collections, in 60 or 90cm, are ideal for lighting a hallway, an office or a kitchen. You can use them as a main source of lighting as well as use them as an extra, along a shelf for example, or under the stairs. The 120 and 150cm versions are perfect for large rooms, such as an open space, business premises, a large garage, etc. Very design, the hanging strips appeal to all those looking for modern lighting with a refined look.


LED kitchen light

In addition, you can choose between the classic model, with a stand and a one-piece lamp, or head for T8 tube strips made up of two separate parts, which house an LED neon tube that you can easily change in the event of a breakdown. For more convenience, in high-traffic areas such as a driveway, garage or veranda, rely on models with integrated detector, which make shopping and other work easier! Finally, for damp rooms or for outdoors, what better than waterproof ranges, weatherproof?

Electrical safety rules to be observed before installing an LED strip

You've made your choice and purchased your gear, and you feel good to go. Now is the time to know how to safely install an LED strip! First of all, make sure that your equipment meets the safety standards in force, with a CE marking or an NF marking. Then be sure to follow these steps:

• Switch off the electric current before installing your LED strip.
• Check the absence of voltage using a suitable device.
• Choose the location of your strip carefully: never place it near a flammable product.
• Do not switch on your LED lighting until you have carefully checked the wiring.

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The material needed to install a neon LED strip

Now is the time to install your new lighting! To do this, use the following tools:

• A pencil.
• One meter.
• A spirit level.
• An adjustable wrench.
• An angled nose pliers and a wire stripper.
• A hammer.
• A screwdriverelectrician
• An electric drill and a screwdriver

LED strip installation

The different stages of installation and connection of an LED strip

Whether your luminaire is suspended or applied, here is how to install an LED strip easily and quickly.

The LED strip with integrated neon, quick and easy to install!

First, determine where to mount your light. Using the pencil, ruler and spirit level, mark the gap between the fasteners on the wall or ceiling, then check their horizontality if they are on a wall. Then, drill the attachment points with the drill, then insert the dowels and screw the wall attachment system to the support. All you have to do is pass the power cable through its tube and make the connections to the electrical terminals respecting the color code of the power cable. Finally, fix the wall light on its support, and voila!

The specific case of a strip for T8 LED tube.

Your T8 LED tube strip is installed in much the same way. You must follow the steps mentioned above, then insert the neon in its housing once the wall lamp is attached to its hanging system. Then, rotate the tube half a turn to block it, before closing the applique with its protection.

How to fix a suspended LED strip?

suspended LED strips

The suspended LED strip requires a little more practice for a successful fixation. In addition to the material previously mentioned, you will need:

• Metal suspension cables, generally supplied with the strip (2 short and 2 long).
• Nuts and fixing screws.
• A power cord (optional).
• A plastic cover which will be used for fixing.

You have to follow certain steps scrupulously to get the rendering you dream of:

• First, start by defining the location of your future light using the ruler and pencil.
• Pass the smaller metal cables through the slots at the ends of the luminaire, centering them well. Check that their positioning is correct: to do this, look at the clips located on the cables, which must be at the top of the installation when the cables are stretched, so that your luminaire is straight when it is suspended.
• Next, insert the thinner end of one of the long cables into the large opening of the clip, then pull it all the way so that it is stopped by its thicker end.
• Carry out the same operation on the other side of the luminaire.
• Then thread your long cable into the fixing screw by the thinnest end thereof.
• Carry out the same operation on the other side of the strip.
• Then pass the long cable through the top of the plastic cover which will be attached to the ceiling later, and secure with the nut.
• Repeat the operation on the other side of the luminaire.
• Once the cables are secure, cut the wire rope to the desired length. Your new lamp is ready to hang! For this, you will just have to carefully screw the covers to the ceiling.
• Finally, connect your power cord to that of the luminaire, or connect it directly to the electric wires already installed.

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How to install an LED strip with a detector?

The installation of an LED strip with detector is rather simple. As in the case of the strip with integrated neon, start by defining the location where you want to install your luminaire, by marking the fixing points with a pencil and by checking their horizontality using the spirit level. Then drill the holes and insert the dowels, then screw the fixture hooks and pass the power cable through the LED strip before closing the box. Finally, you just have to configure everything according to your needs: the detector settings are simple and fast. In particular, you can adjust the detection distance, but also program the ignition time in advance. Regarding the twilight sensor, it only triggers when the light is low, even in the event of movement. A great way to save energy while gaining in comfort!

Where to install your neon LED strip for lighting that is as economical as it is practical?

You now know how to install an LED strip easily and quickly, and you are planning to redo all the decoration of your house? Know that this type of lighting is suitable for all rooms and all styles of decoration, for an elegant and refined rendering!

Practical lighting for your kitchen!

It is essential to take advantage of intense lighting in your kitchen, to work there in complete safety. LEDs are essential here: you can thus position a pendant lamp above your worktop or your island, to carry out your cuts and your preparations in a safe and serene way, or a classic LED strip below your furniture. cooked.

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Create a cozy atmosphere in your bathroom

LED strips are also ideal in your bathroom, to create a warm atmosphere. Why not opt ​​for a ruler above your mirror, for quality make-up worthy of the greatest film sets? Choose a warm light color for a soft and subdued atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and creativity! You can also have strips along your shower door, for a glamorous and sophisticated effect!

Work safely in the car park, your garage or your workshop

What could be more dangerous and unpleasant than running out of light when you come back from shopping after dark, or risking bumping into your workbench with your arms full? With an LED strip equipped with a detector, no more hassle: your journeys are now safe, even when heavily congested! You can also place this type of luminaire in all risky crossing points: stairs, corridors, etc.


garage LED

Arrange your storage spaces to save time!

It's always unpleasant to waste time in the morning looking for your clothes before you go to work. With adequate lighting in your dressing room, you save time and energy! For a small closet, you can for example opt for a 30cm LED strip. For a more spacious walk-in closet, why not opt ​​for lighting fixtures to be fixed along your shelves, for a trendy look?

Give a modern note to your living room with a designer pendant light!

A true star of modern decorations, the suspended LED strip immediately dresses a room by giving it a sharp and worked look. Ideal in a contemporary interior, an industrial-style loft or a living room with sober and refined colors, it diffuses an intense light, and highlights every corner of your living rooms! In gray, black or white, you will inevitably find the model that suits you!

living room LED strip

Exteriors that will seduce all your guests!

What could be nicer than an illuminated veranda in summer, a nicely enhanced pergola or even a sheltered terrace where to organize barbecues with your friends? To make all your events a success and win the unanimity of your guests, consider powerful and resistant LED lighting! You can thus install waterproof strips, which have an IP65 degree of protection, protecting them against dust and splashing water. A great way to enjoy your garden all year round!

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