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What tips for choosing the best electricity supplier on the market?

It is never easy to choose the most advantageous electricity contract. On the occasion of a move or a sudden desire for a new supplier, the quest for the best plan can be like an obstacle course. Here are some tips to help you see things more clearly.

In France, a relatively wide range of electricity suppliers

In France, most homes are connected to electricity by the famous company EDF – or Électricité De France – which has long held a monopoly on national electricity distribution. However, since 2007, electricity distribution has been liberalized and opened up to other companies. This has made it possible to establish a system of competition in terms of prices, and to give individuals and professionals the possibility of choosing from a variety of offers. But it also implies that, if you want find the cheapest electricity contract, your search will take a little longer.

Know the different electricity suppliers

Apart from EDF, there are now more than ten electricity suppliers on the French market. Knowing each supplier will allow you to study the different types of contracts they can offer you. The oil giants Eni and Total have developed a branch of electricity supplier, as have other famous companies, such as Cdiscount or E. Leclerc. There are also lesser-known electricity suppliers, such as Vattenfall, OHM Energie, Planète Oui, ekWateur and Energie Mutuelle. Each of these private companies has a catalog of more or less advantageous formulas according to your needs.

Follow the evolution of electricity prices in France and abroad

In order to be certain of paying the right price for your electricity consumption, it is essential to have a precise idea of ​​the price of electricity in France and around the world. In a context of inflation and repeated international crises, such as the Covid-19 pandemic or the war in Ukraine, energy prices in general and electricity prices in particular can change very quickly. Many suppliers offer offers at prices indexed to the price of electricity. This means that changes in the price of electricity will have a direct impact on the amount of your bills.

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Study the electricity consumption of your home

Before settling on a particular electricity supplier and starting to negotiate with them, you need to know your household's electricity consumption at your fingertips. Over a calendar year, your consumption will change according to your needs, but also according to the seasons. In winter, we spend more time at home and we use more energy to heat our interior. Knowing your needs precisely will allow you to select only service providers capable of offering you a realistic price and in accordance with your lifestyle.

Do everything possible to reduce energy consumption

When you change electricity supplier, it's almost always for lower your energy bill. Nobody wants to pay more for an equivalent service. Thus, you must optimize your energy consumption and your use of household appliances according to your budget. Whatever your supplier, you will get the best rates if your electricity consumption is limited to what is strictly necessary. Having low consumption and a flexible schedule will allow you, for example, to take advantage of discounts at certain times of the day or night. This is called the off-peak system.

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Choose your electrical energy according to its origin

Obtaining the best possible tariff is the number one criterion in choosing a new electricity supplier. But the ecological impact of the company tends to impose itself in the eyes of the French as an increasingly important criterion. As such, the origin of the electricity, that is to say the way in which it is generated, constitutes an essential piece of data. Some companies produce the electricity they sell to you using fossil fuels, which has a disastrous impact on the environment. On the contrary, more and more companies are trying to reduce their ecological impact by producing electricity from renewable energies, such as wind turbines or solar panels.

Analyze the different types of contracts available to you

Each electricity supplier offers its future customers a catalog made up of diverse and varied contracts, both in terms of prices and services. Do not hesitate to study each of the offers in order to find the one that suits you best. One of the main parameters distinguishing the contracts is the duration of the commitment. In general, long-term commitments lead to more attractive monthly or quarterly rates than short-term contracts. If you are sure of yourself, it is therefore preferable to opt for this type of formula.

Trust a reliable electricity supplier comparator

Going through each electricity supplier operating on the French market, with its commitments and the multitude of its offers, and a process that can take a lot of time. Not everyone wants to spend their evenings and weekends comparing all the contracts that exist. To save precious time, you can therefore choose to trust an electricity comparator like Hopenergie. Transparent and impartial, this type of website will allow you to have an overview of what is being done in terms of electricity contracts in your country in just a few clicks.

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In the end, pay the right price according to your electricity consumption

Finding the best electricity supplier on the market will allow you to pay the right price according to your needs. Over a year, the expenditure of a French household in terms of electricity reaches on average several hundred or even several thousand euros. It is therefore essential to take the time to find a reliable and inexpensive partner. Due to a lack of time or interest in the matter, a significant proportion of French people continue to overpay for their electricity. Many do not even ask themselves the question of changing supplier. It is high time to put an end to this injustice.

Get help finding the best electricity supplier on the market

The quest for the best electricity supplier on the French market can be long and laborious, unless you entrust it to a trusted comparator such as Hopenergie. In no time, you will see before your eyes which offer is the most interesting according to your criteria.

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