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What is the price per m² for a new construction?

The construction of a new house often seems like the project of a lifetime. Before starting, however, several elements must be studied, such as the price per square meter. Simple and effective solutions make it possible to evaluate it with precision.

The price per m²: what is it?

Basically, the price per square meter consists of dividing the sale price of a property by its living area (which is expressed in m²). Let's take a concrete example to illustrate our point: a new home costing 250 euros and having an area of ​​000 m² will show a cost per square meter equivalent to 70 euros.

Defining the price per square meter requires knowing precisely the living area. If we refer to article R111-2 of the Construction and Housing Code, the living area corresponds to the total floor area. However, several elements that make up the house are not taken into account in the calculation of the price per m². It's about :

  • cellar and basement;
  • lost attics;
  • outbuildings which are not habitable or are not covered, such as the garden shed;
  • balconies and terrace;
  • from the veranda (if not occupied all year round).

Note that the calculation of the price per m² can be expressed in various ways. Some real estate professionals will talk about median price, while others will talk about average price. If you're feeling a bit lost and wondering how to calculate the price per m² of a building, do not panic ! There are easy-to-use tools that allow it to be assessed with precision.

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How to calculate the price per square meter?

If you plan to build a new house, several solutions are at your disposal to calculate the price per square meter. In particular, you have the possibility of:

  • Inquire with the tax authorities: you can in particular profit from consulting the DVF website set up by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
  • Use an online tool: use, for example, the calculator on the website. Simple and intuitive, this solution allows you to know in a few clicks the price per square meter for your future construction. To do this, you are asked to fill in various elements, including the type of house, its surface area, the type of heating envisaged, etc. Once done, you will get the price per m² of your house in a few seconds.
  • Contact an expert: for a reliable estimate, it is recommended to seek the expertise of a real estate professional.

Does the price per m² vary by region?

If the basic principle on which the calculation of the price per square meter is based is simple, various elements however influence its estimate. The geographical location of the construction remains the main thing. Depending on the department where the residence is located, the price per square meter can differ significantly.

One of the explanatory criteria for the cost variation turns out to be the climate. It can be seen that areas with mild temperatures are characterized by a higher price per m² than areas with less sunshine.

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For example, the average value of a new house per square meter in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region is 1703 euros, while it reaches 1395 euros for Hauts-de-France. The size and attractiveness of the city also have an impact on the average price per square meter. It will be, for example, 11 euros in Paris against 311 euros for the town of La Souterraine located in the Creuse.

What other elements explain the differences in price per square meter?

Apart from geographical criteria, other factors also contribute to the differences affecting the price per m². Let us mention in particular:

  • The method of construction: depending on whether you are building your house on your own or whether you prefer to entrust the task to a builder, the costs can vary. Calling on an architect is interesting from a qualitative point of view. However, the service will be expensive.
  • The size of the house: the larger the size of the house, the higher the price per square meter.
  • The quality of the building: an entry-level house will be less expensive than a high-end so-called “premium” construction. For example, an entry-level contemporary house with an area of ​​80 m² will cost around 144 euros. The same type of residence in the “premium” version is estimated at 000 euros.
  • The type of dwelling: the cost of a traditional single-storey house is 450 euros per m². If it has a floor, it can reach 650 euros. The materials used (wood, glass, metal, etc.) in the construction also affect the price.
  • The cost of labour: there are significant disparities depending on the region. The price is particularly high in Île-de-France.
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Price per m²: what are the prospects for 2023?

The price per square meter for a new house varies over time. The website real thus studied the value of the price per square meter in January 2023 throughout France. The immediate observation is the persistence of geographical disparities.

The departments located in the Île-de-France region as well as on the Mediterranean coast are the most expensive (the price per square meter can exceed 3300 euros). The contrast is significant with the departments located in the center of France. For example, in Allier, the price per square meter is 1238 euros.

There is also a soaring price per square meter in some cities. This is particularly the case in Quimper where it is estimated at 2543 euros (ie an increase of 23% in one year). The most expensive city in France to build a new house remains Neuilly-sur-Seine. The price per square meter there is estimated at 12 euros in January 163. According to TF2023 INFO, real estate prices should nevertheless fall in 1, due to a rise in rates associated with a decrease in purchasing power.

The price per m² is an essential factor to take into account for anyone planning to build a new house. Its calculation varies according to different criteria, including geographical location and type of house.

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