Welcome to Econologie.com

You discover the Econologie.com site for the first time?

This page explains the site structure econologie.com and the different things you could find in order to facilitate navigation.

The site is divided into 3 main parts: the information portal, of forums and econological shop

a) The information portal includes:
- download

- RSS subscription RSS feeds
- Free comments for all visitors for each article

b) forum Energy

Personalized forums energies and environment
: space for exchanges and discussions. All topics concerning econology are discussed there. Click here to visit the forums éconologiques.

c) shop ecologyA shop to save money (energy, electricity, etc.): shop selling eco-friendly products and sustainable investment.

General questions about the site

a) What is econology?
b) Why this site?

functional Notes

a) All parts of the site are freely available, but the downloads may be reserved for members subscribed to the site's newsletter.

Read also:  Contact us

b) To participate forums éconologiques il faut register as a member of forums.

An important page on the operation and rules of forums.

c) To take econological action, you can visit the econological store, register as a customer here.

Thank you for your reading, visit and participation!

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