The cold wave, a consequence of global warming?

Here is a short story that I wrote in October 2003 that I allow myself to repeat.

October 16th, 2003

 »Climate: After the summer heatwave, will winter be the mildest? Maybe not ! " 

This is what we could legitimately think after the heat records observed this summer and this mainly in France (excess mortality of more than 15 deaths has been recorded on the national territory).

Do we need such human tragedies for the populations and the public authorities to become aware of the planetary danger which lies in wait for us and towards which we are heading at 100 per hour?

Apparently yes.

Ahhh the planet is warming up, it's obvious we saw it this summer…. But we would like to remind you that we have very short memories. Wasn't it this winter that the A10 motorway was blocked for tens of kilometers for two days “imprisoning” thousands of motorists resigned to sleeping in their cars. That the last 2 summers (2002 and 2001) were called "rotten summer"

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The message we want to get across is that the observation of the average temperature of the globe (and even of certain regions) is not significant of climatic upheavals that our planet is only priming. Thus certain geographical areas (or annual periods) will cool under the greenhouse effect much more than they will heat up, this analysis we made on our file the use of oil available here.

To return to this winter and the main reason for this news, here is our analysis.

There is a good chance that the winter will be very cold.


Because quite simply the heatwave resulted in an obvious drop in the supply of large rivers and groundwater.

Water is the best natural thermal regulator available to the earth. So, our grandmothers all know: to prevent their shed from freezing in winter, they just had to place a tub of liquid water in the middle of the room. Thus, as long as the water was not completely frozen, the temperature could not drop below 0 ° C because of the level of change of state of the water. The basin acted as a radiator.

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The freezing of this water therefore brought calories to the room since it pumped cold.

Well: it's exactly the same phenomenon that happens in nature on an obviously much larger scale. Lack of rain can be the cause of a Siberian winter.

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