Pierre Rabhi and Juliette Duquesne's "The Water That We Are" Alert Diary

The Water We Are, Pierre Rabhi's “Notebooks” Collection and Juliette Duquesne

Logbook Alerts, the water we are. P.Rabhi and J.Duquesne

The Carnets d'alert collection is meant to be synthetic books, accessible to all to raise awareness of issues of primary importance. This early November 2018 will release a new Alert Book devoted to water. I present it to you here because on the one hand the subject of water is of primary ecological importance for humanity (and the climate) and on the other hand I modestly participated in the development of this work by being interviewed by Juliette.

Water, a vital element in danger

What could be more trivial than stating that water is at the very heart of life - we are made up of 65% water on average! However, this indisputable truth is too often forgotten. The sixty researchers, associations, farmers, civil society actors interviewed for this notebook keep reminding us. Today, although we are talking about biodiversity and ecological transition, those who have an abundance of water tend to trivialize it ... and thereby neglect it. And, through irrational and irresponsible use, we are already causing serious damage to future generations.

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Plastic has invaded the ocean, pesticides are even found in the fat of whales. The ocean, lung of our earth, is in danger, since it recovers all the terrestrial pollutions. In France, most of our rivers, and even the water tables, are polluted. This new alert book aims to investigate this broad issue, fromagriculture, the first source of pollution and the first consumer of water in the world, managed by private companies for this common good. Without forgetting that 30% of the world population does not have access to clean water…

How to manage water tomorrow in a more ecological, fair and local way? Water requires collective management more than any other element. Pierre Rabhi alerts us: our relationship with water must change; it is imperative that we realize its irreplaceable value. Water, today polluted, wasted, source of all kinds of profits, could very well become, tomorrow, one of the solutions to the major problems of our society.

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Pioneer of agroecology, expert in the fight against desertification, Pierre Rabhi is the author of The Offering at dusk (Éditions de Candide, 1988, awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture), Towards the sobriety happy (Actes Sud , 2010), Convergence of Consciousness (The Passenger, 2016). Specialized in economic and environmental issues, Juliette Duquesne worked for ten years writing the journal TF1.

On November 9, Juliette will present us this fourth Alert Book during a dedicated meeting at the bookstore The Foam Pages, 174 boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris from 19h to 21 hours. This last alert book will be released November 7.

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