The CO2 emission rights market in Europe and the European Carbon Fund

Conference - Confrontation, hearing and debate Amphi. Thursday February 10 from 18:15 p.m. to 20:15 p.m.

Philippe Germa
Head of Investment Funds
Financial Engineering
IXIS Corporate & Investment Bank
Director General
IXIS Environment & Infrastructures

The climate issue has become central for Europe.
It is no longer debated about its reality but about political strategies. Faced with real uncertainties about the scale of the consequences, we must act. But how ? The Kyoto Protocol has put in place instruments which have just come into force in Europe and France. Will they be effective. How should France and Europe approach post-Kyoto?

Philippe Germa manages the investment funds and has obtained that his services manage the European permit market. Is France in a position to play a winner with these new market regulation instruments?

Philippe Germa will share his experience with us and present his own vision of the implementation and possible evolution of these tools.

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