CO2 Market: Industrial distraught

More energy, February 01 2005 (summary)

In early January, a few days after the opening of trading quotas CO2, manufacturers were invited to a briefing by the consulting firm eco-sustainable. The first phase of this market is 30% of emissions (housing and transportation are not included) and is scheduled until 2008. To thin the market, flexibility mechanisms have been put in place and instruments that purchase quotas and sell them to companies in need have been created (European Carbon Fund launched by Ixis end 2004 in preparation project conducted by the CDC, Powernext and Euronext). But these flexibility mechanisms will emerge as the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol, the 16 February.
At the meeting, two industrialists have expressed their position:
- The Lafarge group considers itself handicapped by three measures of the PNAQ: the failure to take into account past efforts, the failure to take into account market growth and the progress coefficient which is applied to all emissions while it is only possible to act on a third party.
- The Rhodia group feels aggrieved by the failure to take into account other greenhouse gases, on which most of its efforts have been focused.
This appointment led him to become recurring will allow companies to exchange experiences and discuss the desirable developments for the post 2008.

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