Travel Belgium-Kazakhstan trike bike solar slept with William Bruyr

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Going to the end of your dreams with the sun as co-pilot, here is the exciting challenge that Guillaume Bruyr embarked on. This young engineer from Brussels will go on an expedition to Kazakhstan at the end of June 2013 with a bike equipped with photovoltaic panels.

Since he took part in a raid in the Atlas and the Moroccan Sahara in Renault 4L, the desire to always make more shines in his eyes. This time, no windshield separating it from the local population is a sporting adventure in its pure state, a challenge respectful of the environment! Above all, it is a human adventure to discover other cultures.

solar trike bike

Its solar trike is a recumbent of three wheels. It's a real comfort to 100 150 km to traverse it every day for his journey. A specific trailer is necessary for 30kg of such an expedition. The trike as the trailer are surmounted by a structure to accommodate efficient solar panels, solid and lightweight. Its hybrid vehicle operates with 50% muscle energy and 50% solar energy.

Belgium Kazakhstan solar trike bike

From design to shipping, it's been a year since the idea has matured and is now materialized in a promising trike, a route and a goal curiosity 19 cross country with the vanguard vehicle. From Brussels late June 2013, heading to the steppes of Central Asia, the Aral Sea, the scene of one of the biggest environmental disasters of the twentieth century and the Baikonur Cosmodrome. A journey of a few days and 100 10000 km meter.
This unprecedented eco-adventure represents a technological, sporting and human challenge. Solar biking is no longer a distant dream, it's a reality today that you can follow on:

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Already 5 partners trust him and provide him with material and financial support. Thanks to them !

To find out more: discuss with Guillaume about forum dedicated this journey solar bike.

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