GT cars of tomorrow

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Study of the operation of a car Grand Touring.

TPE directed by Antoine PERRIN and Maxime ROUHIER

Keywords: vehicle, power, pollution, energy, fuel innovation, hybrid, hybridization, electricity, storage

Download the study on GT cars of tomorrow .pdf


This report was produced as part of the work required of students in the school year 1ere 2004-2005. The topic focused on modeling, especially the prospective modeling. As explained in presenting the GT are complex mechanical assemblies, this is what explains the difficulty of innovating, but also their high price and rarity. We then used the prospective modeling to try to predict future innovations and the general operation of GT tomorrow. Thus, after studying the general principle of the concept cars and GT today and analyzed some innovations such as new suspensions Bose linear motor, we used a heat race car at 1 / 5e who gets Solutions and main technologies used today and we try to imagine if innovative solutions could replace other, older but more supported and developed to their limits, having at the same level of development, better performance .

Ce travail est tout-à-fait en relation avec l’éconologie, car les conclusions sont que les GT de demain devront être hybrides afin de mimiser la consommation et augmenter les performances grâce à l’utilisation de moteurs-roues nouvelles générations par exemple. Mais ce travail est d’autant plus lié à ce site qu’il devrait déboucher sur la réalisation d’une maquette reprenant les principales solutions retenues utilisant un réacteur Pantone pour diminuer encore la consommation et pouvoir fonctionner avec n’importe quel carburant. Vous pouvez d’ailleurs aller faire un tour sur le forum pour m’aider ou bien suivre l’évolution du travail !

Download the study on GT cars of tomorrow .pdf


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