The GT cars of tomorrow

Study of the operation of a Grand Touring car.

TPE directed by PERRIN Antoine and ROUHIER Maxime

Keywords: vehicle, power, pollution, energy, fuel, innovation, hybrid, hybridization, electricity, storage

Download of the study on the GT cars of tomorrow in .pdf


This report was produced within the framework of the work requested of 1st year students in the 2004-2005 school year. The chosen subject focused on modeling, and more particularly prospective modeling. As explained in the presentation, GTs are complex mechanical assemblies, which explains the difficulty of innovating, but also their high price and their rarity. We then used prospective modeling to try to predict future innovations and the general functioning of tomorrow's GTs. Thus, after having studied the general operating principle of today's concept cars and GTs and analyzed some innovations such as the new Bose linear motor suspensions, we used a 1 / 5th thermal racing car which incorporates the solutions. and main technologies used today and we tried to imagine if the innovative solutions could replace others, older but more supported and developed to their limits, having, at the same level of development, better performance .

This work is entirely related to econology, because the conclusions are that the GTs of tomorrow will have to be hybrids in order to mimic consumption and increase performance through the use of new generation wheel motors, for example. But this work is all the more linked to this site since it should lead to the production of a model showing the main solutions adopted using a Pantone reactor to further reduce consumption and be able to operate with any fuel. You can also go for a walk on the forum to help me or to follow the progress of the work!

Download of the study on the GT cars of tomorrow in .pdf

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