Electric cars: TIPP-ICT becomes TICPE to the taxation of road electric kWh?

According to UFC Que Choisir, the government has just replaced the famous TIPP / TIC (Internal Tax on Petroleum Products / Internal Tax on Consumption) by the TICPE (Internal Tax on the Consumption of Energy Products).

PSA Electric iOn

The (unacknowledged) goal of this change is probably to think about the implementation of a taxation of electric kWh intended for road use (which we will call electro-road kWh or road kWh). Indeed, in 2020, if the State does nothing it is, according to UFC Que Choisir, 1,2 billion euros in tax losses which are looming on the horizon ...

Once this has been voted, the implementation of a metering technology to apply this tax would, in the age of hyper-communication and hyper-connectivity, be nothing more than a formality. The current change from electricity meters to smart smart meters (such as the Linky) whose information is accessible remotely is perfectly in line with this policy.

The electric car, already very expensive to buy and therefore to use (overall cost taking into account depreciation) and which has difficulty in attracting users, really did not need this ...

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Indeed; even if the measure has not yet been applied, it is a real sword of Damocles on the development of the electric car! It remains to examine the possibility of possible recharging by self-produced renewable energies… which would be, ecologically, the best solution. It is possible if the car is not too "communicative" ...

But by then, we can fear that the hundreds of millions of subsidies granted to manufacturers for the development of the electric car will become just one more state mismanagement and that this tax will kill, once again, the electric car in the egg!

On Econologie.com, we thought about the problem of an electric TIPP since 2009.

To be continued ... you can already continue and participate in the debate from this link.

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  1. It seems to me that electricity is already taxed quite a bit, much too much: I personally pay more tax than electricity, if I am to believe my bills!
    But it would not surprise me if the government, from the height of its ... blindness, to put it mildly, does not hesitate to nip an emerging technology in the bud, with rogue taxes, for the greatest pleasure of competing industry, German first! It wouldn't be the first time our policies have murdered our industry! '

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