Air car: is it windy?

Here is the remark of a visitor about the invention of Mr Negre.

“Several shareholders of the MDI group are about to take legal action against the MDI group.

Indeed, the concept of air engine promised by Mr. NEGRO widely starts hanging in time. All 6 months promises of approvals and manufacturing are thrown their (data) to calm them.

For the reality of the facts (supporting documents):

AutoPlus No. 416 from 27 / 08 / 1996: Title: Guy NEGRO he invented the engine air compimé. Dual Fuel Engine Air / Fuel.

Automobil Revue Nr 15 / 9 1998 April (Germany). Taxi air motor

Le Toulonnais of 22/12/1998: same talks as in 1996! M. NEGRE said: “Industrialization should follow approval, expected in May 1999. The first factory will be set up in Brignoles. On time… .. The involvement of our 160 private partners and the 45 international negotiations in progress testify to its relevance. we will soon be able to fill up with air in the gas stations !. "

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NewLook N ° 90 of 2001: Title: INFO or INTOX air car. Car with compressed air engine. A full costs 10 francs and provides 200km of range. … You can easily go up to 110 km / h !. Guy NEGRE sells turnkey factories capable of manufacturing 2000 to 4000 units per year. The actual construction of the factories is scheduled to begin in early 2002. Full in 2 minutes.

TV show "CA ALORS" diff. 27/03/2001 N ° 96517 + 13: Nice, the car of tomorrow that drives fast and well. 110 km / h and up to 140 km / h !. 50 francs full in 3 minutes. Autonomy 200km.

Nice Matin Page 15 of 30/09/2002: Title: The cityCAT'S at the Paris Motor Show. “The car has a compressor that can fill the air tanks by plugging into a simple electrical outlet. In this case, a 200 km journey costs 0,75 euros, ”explains Guy Nègre. Designed for the city, it also knows how to take off and has a top speed of 110 km / h. The model presented in Paris is a prototype, but the Carros plant, which is to mass-produce the mini and cityCAT'S, will be operational in the spring. !!

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There are still dozens of other documents of this type (press, TV show,….) ”

It is surprising to see the fluctuations in the price of a full tank… Mr. Negre would he have memory problems or are the journalists who do not know how to manipulate the figures?

Full article on the car and engine air

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