Virtual video tour of the vegetable garden of the sluggard

Le Potager du Lazy, virtual video tour (s) by Didier Helmstetter (Aka Did67)

Caption of the introductory photo: “Didier, the laidback gardener, in the middle of… gardening! "

The "Potager du Laesseux" is a way of producing vegetables "more than organic" (that is to say without any treatment products or fertilizers, neither organic nor, of course, chemical) without tiring, reducing labor maintenance and eliminating tillage ... the technique consists "simply" in (well) covering hay ground!

Part (published July 26 2016)

Part (published August 10 2016)

Part (published August 11 2016)

Part Four (published August 18 2016)

Le Potager du Sloth: késako

This “virtual commented tour” of the Potager du Paresseux, published on July 25, 2016, allows us to observe the results, in this rather difficult year 2016.



Article by presentation of the Kitchen Garden Sloth

Lesson Number One of the Kitchen Garden Sloth: garden with hay

Follow-up of the works on the garden of Didier H. since 2014 on forums: talk with the author!

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2 comments on “Video virtual tour of the sloth's vegetable garden”

  1. Hello
    interested in this method I tried to find bales of hay and explaining my project, some of my interlocutors, no doubt sad spirits, told me about the increased risks of the presence of slugs and snails which would destroy our crops .L
    can you tell us about this risk !!!!

  2. Hello Didier, I'm getting ready to watch the rest of the videos (after having seen / read the késako, the phenology and the first part of the visit…). But first, already, a big thank you for these reports of simple experiments, argued and without language of wood. I hope to be inspired by your articles and to be also smart and lazy in the garden that we plan to create in Hainaut in Belgium. Yours faithfully!

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