Villeneuve-sur-Lot: sanctions and end of fuel oil?

Press release (27 June 2006)

The Community of Communes of Villeneuvois takes note of the decision of the administrative court of Bordeaux to cancel the deliberations of the CCV approving the use of pure vegetable oils as fuels instead of diesel. (deliberations voted unanimously)

While forbidding what might appear as a commentary on a court decision, the elected officials deeply regret the judgment that has been pronounced.

As announced, they decided to appeal to the Administrative Court of Appeal of Bordeaux. They want to reaffirm their will to use all the ways of law to make triumph common sense and the general interest. The aim is to ensure that individuals or communities are neither condemned to use diesel fuel by rising oil prices, nor to contribute to the already considerable profits of oil companies, and no more to pollute.

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The elected officials want to reiterate their solidarity with the agricultural world for which the development of biofuels is a real chance that this decision of justice, if it were confirmed, would also condemn.

This judgment, which contradicts the legal expertise of two deans of law faculty, being applicable despite the appeal procedure, elected representatives of the CCV will be invited to decide on the continuation of the experience on the occasion of a council Community which will be convened as soon as possible.

Two possibilities will be considered and studied: civic disobedience having the intimate conviction to act in the name of the general interest or the pure and simple stop of experimentation by republican legalism; elected officials must set the example in terms of respect for the law and court decisions, even when these seem to offend common sense.

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