Video in Rimouski: Two UQAR students work on a water-powered engine (pantone)

For oil companies and refineries, everything is a pretext to rapidly increase the price of a liter of gasoline. Consumers are thus taken hostage and our two levels of government admit their powerlessness. Meanwhile, everyone is looking for an alternative… like the water engine, for example.

Two engineering students at the University of Quebec at Rimouski have already developed a conventional generator motor that runs at 75% with water as fuel (econology note: still a journalist's fantasy) . For the moment, the water, gasoline and recovered gas mixture is done manually, but the young people are working on a computerized control of the three components.

Steps are underway to obtain the necessary patents that will protect their engine, which runs 75% on water. (econology note: gulps ... still a journalist's exaggeration, I don't think this is Nicolas's intention, whose full study is available on this page )

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