Video R21 with water on TF1

Report broadcast on TF20's 1h newscast 15 November 2005.

It concerns an R21 diesel station wagon doped with water according to the pantone assembly. Generally speaking, it's a good report. Thank you Kevin (and TF1)! (if you are on this site, come take a look at the forum )

Some remarks of Christophe Martz concerning the comments of this report:

  • Pantone's spelling is not Pentone
  • "… Mounted on an old Renault Diesel… powered by water and gasoline vapors" This is wrong, water doping on a Diesel is simply an addition of water vapor to the intake air. We do not touch the original fuel system which remains fueled with diesel.
  • Mr Pantone is not an engineer but he is indeed American
  • Concerning the analysis in depollution:

    - CO2, value of 0,1% very improbable and undoubtedly distorted by dilution of the exhaust gases by steam or an error in the analysis of the device. Indeed the CO2 can not be measured directly but not deduction of the O2 rate knowing the burnt fuel. In reality, to reach such a value, it would hardly be necessary to consume any more diesel.

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    - Nox: undoubtedly suitable value. I have never been able to do analyzes on Nox. Water injection is a known anti-Nox process.

    - HC: very probably wrong. Value too low at the origin to be correct. The use of an unburnt gasoline analyzer could explain this error. HCs are simply not measured (measurable?) On a diesel engine: this analysis is compensated by a smoke opacity test.

  • The consumption of 11,7 L 100 is very important and seems increased especially for a diesel vehicle. The 20% are still appreciable.
  • Opacity test by the cloth. Test not very scientific but very revealing: water promotes combustion well
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