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Report broadcast at JT 20h TF1 of the November 15 2005.

It concerns a car R21 diesel-powered breakwater doped according to the pantone assembly. In a general way it is a good report. Thank you Kevin (and TF1)! (if you pass on this site, come take a ride on the forum )

Some comments Christophe Martz on comments of this story:

  • The spelling of Pantone is not Pentone
  • "... mounted on an old Renault Diesel ... powered by water vapor and gasoline" This is wrong, the water doping a diesel is simply an addition of water vapor in the intake air. It does not touch the original power system remains powered diesel.
  • Mr Pantone is not an engineer but it is actually US
  • Regarding pollution analysis:

    - CO2, value 0,1% very unlikely and probably distorted by a dilution of exhaust gases by steam or a device error analysis. Indeed the CO2 can not be measured directly, but not deducting O2 rate by knowing the burned fuel. In fact, to achieve such a value, it would almost consume more diesel.

    - Nox: value probably suitable. I never have done analysis on Nox. Water injection is an anti-Nox known method.

    - HC: very probably wrong. too low in origin to be correct. The use of unburned gasoline analyzer could explain this error. HC simply not being measured (measurable?) On a diesel engine: this analysis is offset by a smoke opacity test.

  • 11,7 consumption in L 100 is very important and seem plus especially for a diesel vehicle. The 20% are still appreciable.
  • opacity test the cloth. Test not very scientific but very revealing: water promotes the burning well
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