against industrial wind power is an industrial wind turbine site for the following reasons (strong defensible).

"Industrial wind power:

- Absolutely does not reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
- On the contrary, increases GHG emissions because of its intermittence.
- Is harmful because it destroys the landscape and historical heritage and sinister green tourism and coastal tourism for offshore projects.
- Does not create any permanent job.
- Significantly slows down the use of renewable energies.
- Racketeering the French community.
- Outrageously enriches (private) developers and (foreign) builders who always want more. "

Be careful so that there is no disagreement, we are not against the development of renewable and alternative energies. But the current wind energy policies always seeking more "gigantism" do not seem relevant to us because they are undoubtedly made at the expense of other alternative sources which are undoubtedly much more econologically efficient (biomass and biofuels among others) ...

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In addition, these projects remain in a centralized energy policy and are dependent on the purely political and arbitrary pricing of the repurchase of the current which defines their profitability. Indeed; currently, an industrial wind turbine is not profitable without subsidies (unlike some "smart" uses of biomass)

Our detailed opinion on industrial wind power is explained on this page


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