VELOVENT: a visionary transport system for urban agglomerations

A network of transparent tubes, suspended in the air, is fed by a wind tunnel. Inside, cyclists move, accelerated by the force of the air current ... This image seems to come from the imagination of a science fiction author.

It is nevertheless the visionary concept VELOVENT developed by the Faculty of Sports Sciences of the Technical University of Munich.

With this transport infrastructure designed for urban agglomerations, cyclists could effortlessly reach speeds of over 30 km / h. In addition, this infrastructure would reduce the risk of accident, avoid weather problems and reduce physical efforts.

This concept, developed to revive the use of bicycles in cities, is still in the planning stage. However, some high-tech Asian cities such as Seoul or Shanghai would already be interested.

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Sources: Depeche idw, press release from Bayern Innovativ -
Editor: Dimitri Pescia,

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