vegetable oil fuel, Villeneuve sur Lot within its rights?

After 14 months of experimentation with Pure vegetable oils of sunflower, everything indicates that the mixture of 30% to 50% of these HVP with diesel does not pose any technical problem, does not require any modification of the engines and generates less fuel. greenhouse gas emissions than the exclusive use of diesel ... In addition, this experiment proved that farmers were ready to embark on a biofuel policy, a policy based on common sense and the general interest .

Legally, after a first conviction at the beginning of July 2006 at the request of the State representative in the Lot et Garonne, the stay of execution has been granted to us pending the appeal judgment. When reviewing our application for a stay of execution, the Government Commissioner clarified that our conviction at first instance was a "manifest error of law".

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The Villeneuve affair followed from the start on forums

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