United States: sanctions against those who inflate the price of gasoline

It suffices to calculate the average price of crude over the 4 years before / after bush to conclude that such information is a masquerade… but we relay it all the same!

The US House of Representatives voted by a large majority to strengthen sanctions against those responsible for artificially inflating gasoline prices. She is grappling with the electorate's discontent at these increases.

Unjustified increases would be punishable by a 150 million fine (for wholesalers) or two million (for retailers), according to a bill passed by 389 votes to 34.

The adoption of this text comes in a context where the rise in the price of gasoline has become a major political issue, six months away from very close parliamentary elections.

President George W. Bush, receiving parliamentarians at the White House, agreed with them that it was essential to ensure that "consumers are treated properly".

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