A solar and wood house in Lorraine: work, plans and photos self-construction

Here is the complete presentation of a three-energy heating house: solar, wood and electric supplement located in Lorraine.

house with solar heating and wood
This house "was" an electric house from the 80s that its owner completely transformed himself into a solar and wood house. The solar and wood duo constitutes for us the current compromise, the most econological of the moment.

solar plane heating wood
This achievement is a fine example of solar self-construction that many owners should follow instead of installing heat pumps or other subsidized solar systems that are often overcharged ... and ultimately not very profitable for the planet and society ...

Summary of the file
- Why solar?
- Photo of a wooden solar house before transformation
- Solar home electric house: partition and laying of the heated floor
- Installation of solar collectors: photos
- Photos and plan of a solar wooden house
- Photos and details of a solar thermal installation
- Wood stove with hot water coil

Learn more and chat with the owner: a solar plant in Lorraine with thermal buffer homemade

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