A Geneva-based company manufactures diesel with vegetable oil RECOVERED

BiocarbCompany four employees situated in the Geneva countryside,
produces diesel fuel from used food oils,
especially from restaurant fryers. The first phase of
manufacturing process is to clean and filter oils
recovered. Then the final fuel composition should be standardized,
despite the very different oils used. Biocarb not only recovered
raw waste oil in all the Geneva area, but also bought
oils collected throughout Switzerland and filtered by the company
Biodiesel is marketed has 1,25 Swiss franc (about 0,80
euro) per liter at the pump. For the moment, it is distributed only to
professionals for machines yards or carriers
road. This fuel can be used pure or diluted, with a diesel engine
classic. It has a heating value slightly less strong than diesel
ordinary (of 2 has 5%), but generates less particles.
In a year, has Biocarb manufactures 1,5 million liters of biofuel, and its
capacity can go up to 3 million liters per year. But the
Confederation, which does not tax the biodiesel production limit 5
million liters per year, for fear of falling tax revenues.
Liberalization of the market, which will allow the import of biodiesel and
result in the removal of production quotas in Switzerland, is planned
for 2007, in coordination with the European Union. In Switzerland, we could
thus recycling 6 to 10 million liters of oil per year.

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