Attack on Iran would cause oil prices to skyrocket

MOSCOW, April 4 - RIA Novosti. An attempt to settle the Iranian problem by force would have the immediate effect of skyrocketing oil prices to at least the level of $ 150 a barrel, predict some experts quoted by the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily.

Radjab Safarov, Director General of the Center for Modern Iran Studies: the crisis surrounding Iran's nuclear program is fabricated, unfounded and maximally politicized. The Americans know full well that Iran does not have nuclear weapons. They simply want to debunk the regime which resists pressure and has the potential to undermine the economic hegemony of the United States.

Iran has at its disposal several response scenarios to external aggression. When the first missiles fell on its territory, Iran would raze all the oil and gas infrastructure of the countries of the Near and Middle East and block the Strait of Hormuz. And if ever a single missile fired by Israel hit Iranian territory, Iran would launch all forces against that country. It is obvious that oil prices would experience a dizzying increase. 150 dollars a barrel is the most optimistic forecast.

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