Asian Tsunami

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Exceptional page following the Asian disaster!

Reminder of the new written 28 / 12 / 04 (the body count was at 50 000)

"As you all know, a few days ago in Southeast Asia, a massive earthquake triggered a rare tsunami affecting many coastal countries in the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.

Three days after the disaster, the facts are alarming: more 25 000 "official" victims and more 30 000 disappeared. A few hundred tourists, including Europeans, are counted in the victims. And this fatal count is not over! One can fear a final balance of more than 100 000 victims!

How much would this number be reduced if effective surveillance, foresight and communication had been in place? In a few years such devices will probably be put in place but this proves, once again, the relative incompetence of man to make preventive actions ... but such disasters also show the solidarity of which the man is capable. Why is it only in times of crisis and urgency? Triumphant individual capitalism must be there for something! It's up to all of us to reverse this trend!

Several French humanitarian organizations multiply calls for donations after the tidal wave disaster in Asia:

- The French Secours Populaire announced that it has released emergency aid from 100.000 euros. Financial donations, says the humanitarian organization, can be addressed the French Secours Populaire BP 3303, 75123 3 Paris cedex or site

- Organization Action against Hunger (ACF), present from 1996 in Sri Lanka, had to charter a cargo plane to bring tents, communications equipment, generators, water purification equipment. The organization says "worry about a foreseeable deterioration of the nutritional situation". Checks can be addressed to the order Action Against Hunger, 4 rue Niepce, 75014 in Paris; CCP 28 20 W Paris; secure donations on the internet

- The office of Unicef ​​in Paris announced that emergency equipment was ready to be sent by air from its storage center of Copenhagen. Donations Unicef ​​"earthquake emergency South Asia", BP 600, 75006 Paris.

- The French Red Cross; (CRF) said that it "relayed" to the French the appeal of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent which launched Sunday a call to collect 5 million euros to come helps some 500.000 people. Donations to French Red Cross "Asia Earthquake" BP 100, 75008 Paris or

- The Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development (CCFD), which supports "for years dozens of local associations, many of which were hit hard by this disaster," asks to help these associations "so that they can restart their work programs as soon as possible." Donations CCFD, 4 street Jean Lantier 75001 Paris; checks payable to CCFD "Emergency Asia"; transfers 46 00 FPC - Paris.

- French Secours Islamique has released 200.000 euros for the "first emergency aid" and launches a call to raise one million euros. Donate to the postal account CCP 29 19 D Paris or on the Internet

Thanks for them !


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