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Sorting in practice for individuals.

To talk to you concretely about selective sorting for individuals, nothing like a good example, we propose to show you how it works in our small Walloon municipality.

The principle is simple: knowing that ecological feelings mainly go through the wallet, the more non-recyclable or unsorted waste you have, the more taxes you pay ...

First of all, there is the weekly collection: only bags sold in local shops are collected, and all of the income goes to the municipality. The greater your quantity of waste, the more bags you consume and therefore the more municipal tax you pay.

For our municipality, these bags are of two types: biodegradable bags for putrid waste which will be transformed into compost and bags for the “residual fraction” for all “ultimate” waste having in particular been in contact with food (pot yogurt for example).

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The joys of sorting
start with good organization at home ...

How to reduce waste and gain a good ecological conscience? By buying products that induce less waste and recyclable or reusable waste that you will put aside before bringing them to the container yard. This therefore implies learning to recognize the different materials and to know if they are collected or not.

After some time of storage, you Take your courage and you will make your trip to the container yard.

… And for transport. This is
a matter of habit. After all, a while ago we also had to get used to going without the free shopping bags and remembering to bring our own.

The principle is simple. With your car, you park in front of the containers which are below ...

... you unload your waste in the container

… That trucks will come to pick up later to bring them to sorting or processing centers. Easy, right?

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Read more: container yard in Belgium report in Idelux
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