Sorting: report Idelux in a container yard 2

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Sorting in practice for individuals. Part 2.

Read the introduction: Recycling in Belgium

There, everyone is frantically active: dad discharge product size hedges while mom gets rid with relish all pubs and children, servants unscrewing bottle caps, fun to find in which basket will end the transparent packaging
their favorite soda.

Station! This is not to be mistaken for employees ensure park and they will not hesitate to make you look your milk carton which malencontrueusement lost in the cans to dump.

The glass is sorted by color ...

... Plastic bottles according to their nature. Pedagogy is omnipresent, both to learn to differentiate the subjects to imagine what will become of this waste in their new life ...

... Do not forget the metals and "bricks".

But beyond this game of "overseer", they show their charming if you entrust your doubts about a ketchup bottle and take care of your old neon or
bleach your funds.

Many other waste will be recovered, such as cooking oil ...

... Or appliances.

The issue is important: here the majority of the waste is not considered a shameful disease but as a source of raw material (secondary). The quality of sorting depend on the quality of
recycled material or upgrading ...

Batteries, bombs, drugs: not cool the environment but they exist ...

... The dangerous waste (so-called "special") are
recovered, even if they are not revalorisables (for now). The best would be to dispense altogether. Is not it?

You will then leave the park with this vague feeling of relief and the certainty that it's over but this is really only beginning a new story ...

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