Sorting: report Idelux in a container yard 2

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Sorting in practice for individuals. Part 2.

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There, everyone gets busy with frenzy: dad unloads the product from the hedge trimmers while mum happily gets rid of all the pubs and the children, responsible for unscrewing the bottle caps, have fun finding in which basket will finish the transparent packaging of
their favorite soda.

Station! It is not a question of being mistaken because the employees of the park keep watch and they will not hesitate to make you look for your carton of milk which was unfortunately lost in the tin can bin.

The glass is sorted by color ...

… Plastic bottles according to their nature. The pedagogy is omnipresent, both to learn to differentiate the subjects and to imagine what will become of this waste in their new life ...

… Let's not forget metals and "bricks".

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But beyond this little game of "general supervisor", they will be charming if you confide in them your doubts about a bottle of ketchup and take care of your old neon lights or
bleach your funds.

Many other waste will be recovered, such as frying oil ...

… Or household appliances.

The stake is important: here the majority of waste is not considered as a shameful disease but as a source of raw material (secondary). The quality of sorting will depend on the quality of
recycled material or recovery ...

Batteries, bombs, drugs: not cool for the environment but they exist ...

... hazardous (so-called "special") waste is
recovered, even if they are not revaluable (for the moment). The best would be to do without it altogether. Is not it?

You then leave the park with this vague feeling of relief and the certainty that it is over but it is in reality that a new story begins ...

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