ladybug wreck

What to do with a car wreck?

As soon as his four-wheeled companion dies after years of good and loyal service, one finds oneself in the obligation to get rid of him definitively on pain of criminal penalties. However, this should not be done randomly and be carried out by just anyone, since the removal of a wreck and its transport to a scrapyard […]

paper car

2021 gray card taxes: the changes

Since the beginning of the year, the automobile taxation has undergone several changes, in particular at the level of the price of the registration certificate. These changes have affected many areas, including environmental penalties and management fees. Even if regional taxes were not really affected by these changes, the increase in tariffs has greatly […]

eco car

How to be as green as possible with your car?

The car is the most widely used mode of transport in Europe today, but it has a considerable and harmful impact on the environment. Fortunately, it is possible to act accordingly to become an eco-driver and limit excessive fuel consumption. There are some simple things you can do on a daily basis. Discover, right away, […]

Bitcoins: recharge an electric car and pay in cryptocurrency!

 Bitcoin is indeed this cryptographic currency that has taken trading platforms by storm and destabilized stock market experts for the past ten years, and since then, other virtual currencies have emerged such as Ethereum Classic, the one of the 10 most traded cryotocurrencies, Litecoin or Ripple. A concept at first glance completely virtual which does not affect in […]

nano-spike CO2 ethanol

Converting CO2 (+ water + electricity) into ethanol fuel by "nano-spike" catalysis!

Nano-Spike catalysis; discovery of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory made a bit… by chance! The process makes it possible to obtain ethanol from CO2, electricity and water in the presence of a specific nano-catalyst called Nano-Spike. The announced yield on electricity is 60 to 70% which is acceptable on condition that renewable electricity is used (the process […]

Lipo Lithium Battery

Electric transport (Lipo) VS thermal (gasoline): criteria for choosing a battery and comparative calculations

The performance of electric transport depends heavily on the quality of their batteries. It is currently the real Achilles heel which limits the development of electric propulsion, as well in road transport as maritime and… that air of course. We present to you a quick little state of the art of the performance of Lithium-Polymer batteries currently on the […]