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What solutions are being considered to finance cycling infrastructure?

Promoting cycling is essential to successfully completing the ecological transition. This involves in particular the creation of infrastructure dedicated to cyclists. From the State to communities, various actors put in place mechanisms to subsidize them. Promoting the use of bicycles among as many people as possible Some telling figures Environmentally friendly, economical and […]

The greening of vehicle fleets. Where are communities and businesses?

In France, approximately half of new vehicles are purchased by companies and administrations. These organizations therefore shape the demand and the second-hand market since they generally resell their vehicles after 4 years of use. The electric transition of professional fleets is therefore a powerful decarbonization instrument and a social policy since it reinforces […]

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What to do with a car wreck?

As soon as his four-wheeled companion dies after years of good and loyal service, one finds oneself in the obligation to get rid of him definitively on pain of criminal penalties. However, this should not be done randomly and be carried out by just anyone, since the removal of a wreck and its transport to a scrapyard […]

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2021 gray card taxes: the changes

Since the beginning of the year, the automobile taxation has undergone several changes, in particular at the level of the price of the registration certificate. These changes have affected many areas, including environmental penalties and management fees. Even if regional taxes were not really affected by these changes, the increase in tariffs has greatly […]