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Transporting children by bicycle: which model to choose?

For short or long rides as well as for everyday journeys, more and more people prefer to opt for the bicycle. This mode of transport is particularly popular because it saves fuel and has a minimum impact on the environment. For many, the problem of transporting young children nevertheless arises. However, there are several solutions to enjoy cycling with the family.

The child seat or saddle: the practical solution

If you already have a bicycle and you don't often carry your children with you, it is better to choose a solution that is adaptable to the situation. To equip a bicycle for transporting children, the seat or child saddle is an interesting device. Installed on the front, back or even on the frame of the bike, these devices can be removed when you do not need them.

The front seat is ideal for transporting a child under 3 years old. It allows a good distribution of the loads, for a more fluid movement. It also gives you the opportunity to share the moment with your child while remaining within range of interaction.

The rear seat is a more democratized device, and therefore more affordable and easy to find. It allows you to carry your child up to 6 years old, but it limits the possibility of carrying luggage. It is best suited for short bike rides.

The frame saddle combines the advantages of the first two models, as it can carry a child up to 5 years old, while maintaining great flexibility.

The more do-it-yourselfers among you can even adapt a full suspension mountain bike by Two-seater mountain bike by welding some adaptation pieces. To relieve yourself you can also opt for a converting your bike to electric.

The trailer: safety and comfort

The seat or saddle puts additional load on your bike, which can throw you off balance or interfere with your riding. What is more, these devices do not allow the child to fall asleep, for lack of headrest or backrest. For a more comfortable ride, both for you and your child, the bicycle trailer is then the option to adopt. Thanks to its shelter, it offers the child a more pleasant and practical environment to enjoy the trips, whatever the weather.

The trailers can transport children up to 6 years old, while maintaining great stability. They can be with one or two wheels and can offer up to two seats. These will be particularly useful for transporting your child plus some luggage.

Another alternative exists: the module that transforms a bicycle into a scooter. This system adapts to almost all bikes, is reversible in a few minutes and gives a second life to a classic bike. It is particularly suitable for transporting a child up to 6 years old. It has the same advantages as the trailer except that the child is in front of you, so you can more easily monitor him.

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Cargo bike: the long-term solution

The cargo bike is the transport par excellence for getting around with 2, 3 or 4 children up to 8 years old. It is a separate frame which therefore represents a certain investment, but it allows you to tackle your daily journeys in the best conditions. Indeed, the frame of the bicycle allows a good distribution of the loads as well as an optimal protection of the children in the event of fall.

Available with 2 or 3 wheels, the cargo bike can also be fitted with an electric assistance system to facilitate movement. Some models have a step to facilitate the installation of the little ones, as well as a textile covering to protect them from wind and / or rain.

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