Toyota iQ, the Japanese Smart?

Toyota iQ: Toyota's Japanese smart… just better? Photo credit: Toyota, click to enlarge.

Before having more information on the iQ at the Paris Motor Show, Toyota provides some photos of its new baby taken on the roads of France.

toyota iq

These photographs present the tiny Toyota and its arguments to the Smart concurencer ..

toyota iq

Length: 2,985 m.
Height: m 1,500
Wheelbase: 2,000 m.

Definitely the iQ likes round numbers!

A smart 4-seater… or almost

In terms of load, the iQ can accommodate three adults and one child, seated behind the driver. As for the front passenger, if he moves his seat forward, an adult can also sit behind. The right seat can move forward more than usual thanks to the asymmetric dashboard design. Obviously on the driver's side, the advance is shorter due to the presence of the steering wheel, the dashboard and the pedals. Toyota therefore presents the car as a “3 + 1” (3 adults and 1 children).

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Everything is thought Toyota installed in thin seats to save space at the knees of the rear occupants. Driver's knee also appreciate the flat base wheel to avoid hitting them.

toyota iq

Obviously the bench can be folded 50/50, we then have a loading space. A storage bin is also located under the rear seats.

Level equipment and security?

By imposing shocks, the little Toyota is sure of itself and will not be afraid of SUVs and other urban 4 × 4s. Its lines strongly recall a mix between the Smart and the Nissan Micra ... 16-inch wheels should equip the small series.

Also as standard, the iQ will have USB and Bluetooth connections as well as a touch screen!

Finally, what engine?

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When it is launched in early 2009, three engines will be offered on iQ: two petrol groups and one Diesel. However, Toyota has not yet communicated further on this subject, merely specifying that the rate of CO2 released will be less than 100 g per km.

The fuel tank tank is innovative because it is installed under the floor. This freed up space by reducing the rear overhang. For the front, space has been reduced thanks to the newly designed differential. Likewise, Japanese engineers also made the air conditioning system more compact, as did the steering box installed higher in the engine compartment. In short, compactness everywhere! A future happiness for maintenance?

toyota iq

Stay tuned, 2009 start

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