TOTAL increases by 37 percent profits 2004

(AOF) - Total published Thursday morning a net profit excluding non-recurring items of 2,366 billion euros for its fourth quarter 2004, against a net profit of 1,747 billion euros recorded over the same period in 2003 (+ 35% ). Net income doubled to EUR 3,237 billion in the fourth quarter, increasing by 37% over the 2004 financial year to EUR 9,612 billion. The operating income of the sectors, excluding non-recurring items, increased by 58% to 5,077 billion euros in the fourth quarter of 2004, and stood at 17,12 billion euros for the full year (+ 32%).

Annual turnover was up 17% to EUR 122,7 billion, including EUR 34,8 billion in the last quarter (+ 27%).

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Econology note: And yes! When the barrel is expensive, the oil companies get richer! It is therefore naturally in their best interest to maintain a high barrel. This can be done in different ways… I am not a geopolitical specialist but it is certain that all is not “rosy” in this environment.
Moreover, when an oil tanker is at the head of the most powerful country in the world, it is legitimate to question the impartiality of his policy!

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