TOTAL increases by 37 percent profits 2004

(AOF) - Total has released Thursday morning a net profit excluding non-recurring items of 2,366 billion euros on behalf of its fourth quarter 2004, against a net profit of 1,747 millionUSD recorded over the same period in 2003 (+ 35% ). Net income doubled to 3,237 MdEUR in the fourth quarter, increasing 37% over the 2004 year to 9,612 MdEUR. Segment operating income, excluding non-recurring items, increased from 58% to 5,077 MdEUR in the fourth quarter of 2004, and came out at 17,12 MdEUR over the full year (+ 32%).

The annual turnover is up from 17% to 122,7 MdEUR including 34,8 MdEUR in the last quarter (+ 27%).

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Econology note: And yes! When the barrel is expensive the tankers get richer! It is therefore naturally in their interest to maintain a high barrel. This can be done in different ways ... I'm not a specialist in geopolitics but it is certain that everything is not "pink" in this environment.
Moreover, when a tanker is at the head of the most powerful country in the world, it is legitimate to question the impartiality of its policy!

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