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This page is part of the section Pantone Engine Tutorial or "How to modify your engine with the Pantone system"

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To know more after changing your engine first, you can do the following flex-tests.

Possible realization with a bubbler for water and a carburetor or an injector for the fuel. Do not exceed 30% water consumption.

  • Pure vegetable oil-essence mixture tests: up to 70% vegetable oil and 30% gasoline,
  • Fuel-mix test Species: hot, a small gasoline engine will turn smoothly Fuel or black smoke, but it will be very difficult to start in cold (and hot) oil,
  • Pure vegetable oil-Fuel mixture tests: at 50% fuel and 50% pure vegetable oil, the engine will run hot. The remarks are the same as in the previous point.

For more information on the possible tests, we recommend reading the following pages:

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