Electricity from atmospheric pressure

A Moroccan engineer, Cherif MASSAOUDI ZOHEIR invented and patented a power plant powered by atmospheric pressure. This concept had been the subject of much research in the world without ever being successful.

This invention was presented to Moroccan engineers at the Center for the Development of Renewable Energies (Ministry of Energy and Mines of the Kingdom of Morocco). It received a very favorable response since it allows the free generation of electricity while respecting the environment.

The principle is based on trapping the incoming air at the atmospheric pressure of the moment, which is found in an overpressure situation in the power plant. This pressure gradient makes it possible to produce an outgoing air flow which generates an electric current.

It is a bit like the principle of air which is trapped in a jar of homemade jam, a jar that is then sometimes difficult to open because of the pressure differences between the inside and the outside. Remember also that winds are generated by differences in atmospheric pressure.

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It remains to be seen whether this process can be developed on a large scale.

Sources: Olivier Daniélo, www.notre-planete.info
Ministry of Environment and Mines of Morocco

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