Tips and tricks: how to successfully organize a trip?

For more than one, there is nothing more beautiful than traveling, discovering new places and immersing yourself for a few days in a culture different from your own. However, successfully organizing a trip without the help of an agency can be an almost impossible mission. Fortunately, this is not impossible! All you need is the right techniques. To help you, here is a list of things to do to organize your first trip to perfection.

Choose your destination

Naturally, the first thing to do whenorganization of a trip is to choose the ideal destination. So, you will have to draw up a list of lists of countries or cities that you would like to discover. However, you can get advice from your family members if you are traveling as a family.

Next, find out about the price of plane tickets. For this purpose, you can use platforms such as Kayaking and Skyscanner. They perform a global search of all airlines. Subsequently, they allow you to make a choice of routes depending on the airports, the duration of the flight, the prices, etc.

In addition, these sites as well as some airlines allow you to choose the departure airport. They also allow you to find the best travel destinations and active flights. When you have decided, do not hesitate to make your reservation by purchasing your tickets.

Gather the necessary travel documents

Considering your destination, it is important that you check and gather the necessary documents for the trip. These are in particular:

  • Travel insurance;
  • ID card ;
  • Passport ;
  • Visa.

Travel insurance

Subscribe to a long stay travel insurance is essential, especially if you are going abroad. Then assess the covers you will need. These are, for example, the medical expenses, lost baggage, flight delays, coverages, cancellations, etc. Your choice must then fall on the insurance that provides you with a certain sense of trust and reliability.

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Identity card and passport

Many countries no EU members require that the documents be valid for at least 6 months (or more) after the travel date. Check the expiration date of these coins. Consider also possibly whether it is necessary to request the renewal of the passport or identity card before expiration.

The visa

If you plan to make a traveling abroad, check if the destination country requires a Long stay visa. In most cases, you can apply online or apply when you arrive at the airport. Note that this last possibility is increasingly rare, from 2021. Then check if it is necessary to bring ID photos to attach to your application. Find out about the authorized currencies to pay the visa on the spot.

The other documents

Due to the problems caused by the COVID-19, all countries have put in place preventive measures for travellers. Likewise, they require the presentation of various documents on the state of health and travel before and after the trip. Indications vary from country to country. Therefore, before the trip, visit the official websites destinations.

It should nevertheless be specified that for some time now, to travel to European countries, it is no longer necessary to present a health pass. Some rules also vary from country to country. You should therefore inform yourself from time to time about the current rules, better before booking your ticket.

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Use a travel guide for creating itineraries

Are you unable to take organize a trip without the help of a good tour guide. Depending on the type of trip you are about to take, you can choose from different printed tourist guides. The book will allow you to create an ideal itinerary for your trip.

Start by reading the guide to identify the places you want to visit. Write them down in a notebook or in a text file. Also write down the most important information about the places and make a study of the map of the country or city in question. One of the best tricks is to circle these places with a pencil. You must now appreciate the distances which separate them thanks to Google My Maps. It is a useful tool for planning trips, as it will help you understand how long it takes to get to the different places you have chosen. Also get information about means of transport accessible (shuttles, subways, trams, trains, cars, etc.). Google Travel is a platform that will also be of great use to you.

Choosing accommodation and making reservations

When you organize trips, the choice of hotels and accommodation is particularly strategic. Especially in big cities like Hanoi or Naples, making reservations is essential to creating a travel itinerary. Ideally, it is recommended to find a hotel that is centrally located or close to public transport stops. This will make travel easier.

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Visit sites like Booking and TripAdvisor to view reviews or search for hotels. Contact the establishment you have chosen directly to request a quote. You will be able to know if it suits your budget or not.

Calculate travel costs and prepare

This is probably the most difficult step, especially if you are apprehensive about calculations. Nevertheless, it is important. After collecting information on the different means of transport and the accommodation offers, you can estimate the cost of the stay. Now you really have to get ready for the trip. For this, carry out the compulsory or optional vaccinations on the advice of your doctor. Try to do this a few days or weeks in advance to avoid unforeseen events.

Furthermore, it will be necessary get acquainted with the culture of the city or region in which you are going. This way you will avoid discomfort. This approach is also seen as a sign of respect for cultures different from your own. Then go shopping to get the clothes adapted to the season and the region.

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