The United States dominates the production of GMOs

It is not a surprise, the Americans remain the first producers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). According to a report by a researcher from the University of Minnesota carried out on behalf of the Biotechnology Information Council (Washington DC), an association linked to the industry, 67,5 million hectares have been devoted to GMOs in the world in 2003-2004, representing a total market of $ 43,9 billion. Currently, eighteen countries practice the cultivation of transgenic plants (mainly soybeans, corn, cotton and rapeseed) but five of them dominate the sector: the United States of course (which accounts for 63% of the areas of GMOs exploited) , Argentina (21%), Canada (6%) then Brazil and China (4%). The American dominant position is also reinforced by the number and diversity of modified plants authorized for cultivation, ie 14 to date (including melons, rice, beets, tobacco, tomatoes, etc.).

 LAT 08 / 12 / 04

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