Oil companies summoned to be citizens

PARIS (Reuters) - The Minister of the Economy has announced that he will ask oil companies to lower the price of fuel at the pump.

Asked about France 2, Thierry Breton did not exclude an exceptional tax on their profits, if they do not behave as “corporate citizens”.

He specified that he would bring together on Friday September 16 in Bercy "all the players in the oil sector", who are currently showing record results thanks to the surge in oil prices.

"I told them that I was expecting concrete and tangible proposals from them, because the situation requires it," said the minister, who stressed that the price of a barrel had "practically doubled in a year".

"We will ask them to behave as corporate citizens," he added. “For example, we can imagine that they reduce the price at the pump, that is to say give back to the French (…) part of the exceptional profits corresponding to an exceptional situation. "

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Oil companies could also be asked to "invest significantly" in renewable energy or "clean car" programs.

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