What is the pantone engine?

What is the Pantone system or "engine"? ( the term pantone engine is an abuse of language: it is a process or a system mounted on existing engines)

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Its name comes from the American inventor Paul Pantone who made the choice, for various reasons, to disseminate the plans of his invention on the Internet. It is through this distribution, relayed by the site Quanthomme that I discovered the process and then carried out my End of Engineering Studies Project on the subject (see: pantone engine report).

The main reason for this diffusion being, I think, that he is unable to develop his invention himself. Indeed; my trip to the USA to meet Mr. Pantone was more than disappointing. For more details on this meeting, I invite you to read the page " Pantone motor and me". Nevertheless the concept of his invention is interesting.

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Technically this is a fairly straightforward modification that can be done on any existing gasoline or diesel engine. The main idea is to recover part of the heat (thermal losses) from the exhaust gases in order to pre-treat the fuel and the intake air (hydrocarbon mixture). A proportion of water is also used in the intake mixture. This water contributes to the efficiency of the process but be careful, this is not a water engine.

In fact, it is a heat exchanger recovering part of the calories from the exhaust gases to “transfer” them to the fresh intake gases. Knowing that about 40% of the fuel consumed in an engine is lost in the exhaust, the idea of ​​recovering part of these losses is interesting. Nevertheless the exchanger, also called reactor, is special since it consists of a very narrow annular space which, it seems, promotes its efficiency but this deserves further investigation. The main result is a very impressive depollution of the exhaust gases as shown by: pollution measurements of a pantone engine.

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I wanted to point out that, for the moment, it is not scientifically proven that a reaction other than a heat exchange and a cracking of the hydrocarbons takes place in the reactor. One can read from various sources many uncertainties and inaccuracies about this invention such as, for example, the fact that the reactor cracks the water molecule into hydrogen or worse that the reactor can process nuclear waste. Only scientific studies could confirm or invalidate these "fictitious hypotheses". For example, I proved during my project that there was no pure hydrogen (H2) at the reactor outlet and yet we can still hear or read that the reactor is cracking the water ...

For those who doubt the effectiveness of this assembly, we invite them to read the Press review of a municipal vehicle doped with water in Vitry-sur-Orne.

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