The biggest polluters on the planet do not want to sacrifice their growth

The Asia-Pacific partnership, which brings together some of the biggest polluters on the planet in Sydney, promised, Thursday, January 12, to fight against global warming without however sacrificing economic growth based on fossil fuels, yet at the origin of the emission of greenhouse gases.

“Our conviction of the urgent need to continue development and eradicate poverty is at the heart of our vision,” the six member countries - United States, Australia, China, Japan, India and South Korea said in a statement. - of the "partnership on clean development and the climate", at the end of two days of meeting. Around XNUMX leaders of industrial multinationals were also present at the conference. "By working together, we are better able to meet our growing demand for energy and our common challenges, including those related to air pollution, energy security and greenhouse gas intensity. greenhouse ”, continue the Six.

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But "fossil fuels are the basis of our economies and will remain a reality throughout our lives and beyond," continued the press release, which stresses that the fight against global warming must not slow down economic growth. “It is therefore crucial that we work together to develop and use cleaner technologies with less polluting gas emissions so that we can continue to use fossil fuels while managing the problem of air pollution and gas emissions. greenhouse effect ”, according to the text.

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Econology note: in the face of ill will, what are the efforts of companies in Kyoto Zone countries for if it is not to hamper their competitiveness?

In this sense, we would be for the establishment of a "Kyoto Tax" on all products imported from the "Non-Kyoto zone" to the "Kyoto zone".

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