Beavers circulate in 2007?

According to the information communicated by the Ministry of the Interior of Lower Saxony, an anti-nuclear association, BI, is counting on a new transport of 12 CASTORS to the Gorleben warehouse.

For 2007, BI and the Gorleben operators no longer expect any delivery of high-level waste to Gorleben and from France. In fact, new containers are needed to repatriate radioactive waste from France, because the vitrified waste which will be brought back to Germany from 2007 will be hotter and more radioactive (it will not have been cooled for so long in the center. reprocessing). It is therefore necessary to manufacture new containers which will then have to be checked and authorized by the radiation protection office. Manufacturing can then begin. There should therefore be no transport from France to Gorleben in 2007.

However, the action committee announced that there could be despite a whole convoy of 5 CASTORS in 2007, transporting the waste from the old reprocessing plant in Karlsruhe to the warehouse in Lower Saxony. But the vitrification installation, which serves to melt the reprocessing residues in the glass, is still in the experimental phase.

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Sources: Die Tageszeitung - 06/06/2006
Editor: Valerie Bichler,

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