Testimonials about pantone technology

1) Here is the external opinion of a person (which I suppose scientific) on the "Pantone" process, as I share most of his remarks, I decided to put it on this site.

Read the testimony.

2) Presentation of 2 other "Pantone" assemblies on this page. A lot of interesting information for those who are new to the system but some imprecision (especially on the cracking of water which does not exist in the "reactor")

3) »The house is on fire and we are looking elsewhere. Earth and humanity are in peril. It's time to open your eyes. We will not be able to say that we did not know. Let us be careful that the twenty-first century does not become, for future generations, that of a crime of humanity against life. »Jacques Chirac, Johannesburg, September 2002.

It was almost 2 years ago… where are the ecological decisions taken since in France?

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