Mobile Phones: a micro-USB universal charger soon?

Europe has just announced its desire to “standardize” mobile phone chargers. If this measure can pretend to be eco-friendly, we remain skeptical about the impact that this measure will have, which consists in wanting to impose a "universal" charger for all cell phones from 2010.

Some thoughts:

a) How are laptop manufacturers going to change their own standards as quickly across their range?

There is a good chance that Apple, for example, will resist: they use proprietary tips on their Iphone that prohibit universality! So, will Apple be “outlawed” in 2010 vis-à-vis Europe? If so, this will not be a first ...

b) Universality on the micro-usb port? The micro usb would be a good universal standard.

Quite a few "high-end" phones already offer this port (but not necessarily with an internal connection to the battery).

In addition it would democratize the solar phone chargers here's a model: solar universal charger Lithim Polymere mini USB output

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To see links USB, if there is license?

c) Universal chargers of mobile phones already exist and above all are sold cheaper than the unique chargers of the big manufacturers!

universal charger mobile phone

d) The margins and therefore the market for single-model chargers is extremely lucrative for telephony players, and they know it.

e) What is the ecological impact of the mains charger compared to the rest of a mobile phone? Educating people to consume less cell phones would undoubtedly be much better for the environment… and for their wallet! But we will be delighted with the systematic non-presence of a charger in the packaging for 2010!

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