Pico +: a hydraulic pico-turbine submersible

The Pico +, an 300W hydraulic pico turbine

The Pico + Family features 12 parts. Easy to implement and maintain, it corresponds to the energy needs of one or more family units.

Completely immersed in water, with a drop height of 1,5 meters and a flow rate of approximately 35 liters per second, it delivers 230 Alternating Volts 24h / 24h.

Simple, robust, and lightweight (7kg) it is designed to be assembled locally closer to the users.

Environmentally friendly, it contains no heavy metals and is fully recyclable. Its new permanent magnet generator designed by Applied Magnetics achieves a yield of 90%.

Learn more about the hydraulic pico:
Presentation of a family pico hydraulic installation
pico turbines information

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Pico immersible hydraulic turbine

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  1. Hello, I bought a house with a river and want to install a pico turbine. Can you send me some documentation and in particular the prices for a material allowing the electrification of a house of 120 m2. With my thanks. Daniel Poupelier

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