Beak farm Hellouin

INRA: economic study of permaculture

INRA published a four-year study on the economic viability of organic permaculture. This study entitled “Permacultural organic market gardening and economic performance” shows that permaculture can be quite competitive economically compared to conventional intensive agriculture. The study was carried out on a fairly small area of ​​1000m², ie […]

Thesis on the wet combustion and performance by Rémi Guillet

Wet combustion and its performances 232 pages in .pdf Thesis presented in view of obtaining the title of Doctor of the University Henri Poincaré, Nancy 1 in Mechanical Science and Energy. By Rémi GUILLET. Keywords: wet combustion / combustion / humidity / hygrometry / environment / efficiency / energy / thermal process / nitrogen oxides […]

Human and economic toll of the Chernobyl disaster by the IAEA

Assessment of the Chernobyl disaster by the IAEA published in 2005 .pdf of 260 pages. Other sources report a balance sheet and figures very different from those published by the IAEA, see links and extract below. Find out more: - Debate and information on the Chernobyl assessment: overall cost and human and health assessment […]

Thesis of the Mines de Paris: combustion of fuel oil and water

Contribution to the combustion of water emulsions in heavy fuel oil. Thesis from the Mines de Paris presented in March 2008 by D. Tarlet to obtain the degree of Doctor from the Ecole des Mines de Paris, Specialty "Energy". .pdf of 230 pages. Summary Heavy fuel oils, waste oils or animal fats constitute […]

PlasmHyRad combustion assisted Plasma and Hydrogen Radicals

PlasmHyRad project, combustion assisted by Hydrogen and Radicals. by JM Cornier, University of Orléans, GREMI - CNRS - MINISTRY OF RESEARCH. Electric plasma ionization project of combustion air and fuel to improve the efficiency and pollution control of internal combustion heat engines. The tests concern methane, the simplest of […]

moist air burning: explanations and performances

Steam pump and wet combustion: explanations and performances By Rémi Guillet. The water vapor pump Having initiated in the early 1970s research and development work on condensing heat generators (of combustion products), in order to limit the atmospheric condensation of the fumes from the new fuel that was, […]

Explanation of the Pantone engine: ionization and electrification of water vapor expansion

This document is a complement to the theory of the ionization of water vapor during a doping with water system G or G + Document in English showing that the water vapor which expands is electrically charged and this can lead to electric shocks, which can be dangerous. Journal of Electrostatics, 23 (1989) 69-78 Elsevier […]

Download: Pantone engine study at UQAR

Eco-Energy Project: Powering the Generator Redesigned By Jean-Mathieu Santerre and Simon-Nicolas Deschênes (Team H05-CM-E5), Université du Québec à Rimouski, Quebec, Canada Here is the full study of a completed project by 2 engineering students at the University of Rimouski. Read the summary: Study of a Pantone generator at the University of Quebec at Rimouski Download the file (an inscription […]

Download: Report on Urban Transport: energy and organization

Technological Research Project carried out by Christophe Martz at ENSAIS and supported at the end of January 2001. This is a study on the congestion of urban centers and making an inventory of the different technological solutions that could improve air quality and traffic conditions in urban centers. Unanimous conclusion: the organization and behavior of […]

DEA: biofuel alcohol

Complete study: France-Brazil energy paradox linked to alcohol and distillation. Keywords: alcohol, history, still, distillation, social role, biofuels, petroleum, nuclear By Armand Legay, DEA 2001/2002, Sociology Department, University of Rouen. Thesis supervisor: François AballeaThesis tutor: Jean-Louis Le Goff Click on the images to enlarge. Summary of […]

Pantone engine at UTC

TX report: Experimentation of the PMC Pantone reactor on a Citroën 2CV type engine. Produced at the University of Technology of Compiègne by LEFEBVRE Julien and NGUYEN Marc Introduction The news of recent months has shown a strengthening of needs in alternative energies. Indeed the barrel of oil is no longer traded below […]

Pantone engine at UTT

TX report: Study of the Pantone engine Carried out at the Troyes University of Technology by BLANCKE Rémi and DESSAINT Renaud Introduction During the second half of the XNUMXth century, man used petroleum without limit to meet his needs. In recent years, we have noticed that this abusive use is totally disrupting […]

Price of biofuels

Cost price evaluation of biofuels in France: taking into account externalities and comparison with the cost price of diesel and unleaded 95 petrol by Alexandre Proy Keywords: price, cost, biofuels, comparison, fossil fuels, profitability , history, curves REIMS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL, TEMA 2004-2005, End of Studies Project Download […]

CITEPA: inventory of air pollutant emissions in France. sectoral sets and extensive analysis

Inventory of atmospheric pollutant emissions in France, sectoral series and extended analyzes. As part of the inventories carried out within the framework of the CORALIE program, this report presents an update of air emissions for metropolitan France according to the “SECTEN” format defined by CITEPA and aimed at restoring emissions according to […]

CITEPA: inventory of emissions by large combustion plants in France

Inventory of Large Combustion Installations in France in application of directives 88/609 / EEC and 2001/80 / EC - Presentation and summary of results. This report presents a reminder of the definitions used in the inventory of Large Combustion Installations, as well as detailed results by region, by sector of activity and by fuel category. Download the file (one […]

CITEPA: atmospheric pollution by department in France

Departmental inventory of atmospheric pollutant emissions in France by CITEPA. This report presents the departmental inventory of atmospheric emissions for metropolitan France. The programs are presented by department and region. They are also related to the population and the area, in the form of tables and maps. This document therefore comprises […]

The BMW C1

Case study: BMW C1 (CityOne) New concept for a city vehicle Keywords: urban travel, BMW, C1, scooter, concept car, prototypes, microcar, city car Download the study on the BMW C1, click here . Introduction Cities currently bring together the bulk of human activity, it is this concentration of activities and therefore jobs that explains […]

Pantone engine at UQAR

Eco-Energy Project: The power of the generator redesigned By Jean-Mathieu Santerre and Simon-Nicolas Deschênes (Team H05-CM-E5), University of Quebec at Rimouski, Quebec, Canada Here is the summary and the full study of a project carried out by 2 engineering students at the University of Rimouski. Summary The overall goal of the project is to adapt the Pantone process to a standard generator […]

Light bulbs and environment

Here is a brief study on the environmental impact of new so-called energy saving bulbs. Keywords: bulbs, economy, energy, pollution, electricity, compact fluorescent, waste, treatment, impact, nature Introduction Fluorescent tubes, improperly called “neon tubes”, compact fluorescent lamps and high intensity discharge lamps (for public) belong to the family […]

Fuel cells

Fuel cell based cogeneration project Project carried out in December 2000 by C. Martz, C. Stefani and J. Vilquin. This is a small techno-economic comparison of low power cogeneration based on a fuel cell. Introduction: General information on Fuel Cells (PAC) A fuel cell is a generator which […]

ENSAIS engineer report on the Pantone engine

Keywords: Geet, Pantone, reactor, reforming, cracking, yield, pollution, depollution, hydrocarbons, water, consumption, engine, boiler. Engineer report on P.Pantone's GEET process by Christophe Martz, ENSAIS engineer. (carried out between June and August 2001 at ENSAIS with the support of ANVAR for obtaining the ENSAIS mechanical engineer diploma) Introduction: Why? through […]

The lexic

This page brings together the definitions of terms used on this site Reactor Industrial installation where a pysico-chemical reaction takes place. Cold Plasmas Plasma: Fluid composed of gas molecules, ions and electrons. It is the 4th state of matter after solid, liquid and gas. There are many classes of plasma. It is the state of matter […]

Urban transport

Technological Research Project (54 pages) carried out by Christophe Martz at ENSAIS and supported at the end of January 2001. Download of the study This is a study on the congestion of urban centers and making an inventory of the different technological or organizational solutions which could improve air quality and traffic conditions in […]